Ordinary Language Criticism

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Publication Date
June 2003
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Ordinary Language Criticism

Literary Thinking after Cavell after Wittgenstein
Kenneth Dauber & Walter Jost

A major intervention into the question of the uses of literature, Ordinary Language Criticism proposes a radical paradigm shift away from the kinds of literary criticism that have dominated the academy for the last two decades and more. In a series of essays on texts and figures ranging from Genesis to Don Quixote to Proust, Henry James, Heidegger, and Frost, an eminent group of literary critics and philosophers sets out to recover "ordinariness" as the overlooked point of departure in literary studies and to point up the aesthetic, ethical, and metaphysical consequences that follow from that recovery.

About the Author
Kenneth Dauber is a professor of English at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He is the author of The Idea of Authorship in America.
Walter Jost is an associate professor of English at the University of Virginia. He has recently completed a book entitled Rhetorical Investigations: Studies in Ordinary Language Criticism.

"This is a major collection, one of the most exciting works in literary criticism I have read in a great while. The editors have drawn together a wide-ranging, stellar group of essays that elaborate and complicate their Introduction in fascinating ways. I would go out and buy a copy immediately, if only to refer to it more conveniently in future work." --Clare Cavanagh, Associate Professor, Slavic Literatures, Northwestern University