Old Floating Cloud

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ISBN 978-0-8101-0988-9
Publication Date
May 1992
Page Count
269 pages
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6 x 9

Old Floating Cloud

Two Novellas
Can Xue

Can Xue draws the reader into a world of the grotesque and the surreal, of uncertain spaces and indeterminate identities, of sexual menace and psychological disorientation. These novellas are about life in post-Mao China, but not the China of social realism or of Western fantasy. At the forefront of China's new literary trends, these two novellas--"Yellow Mud Street" and "Old Floating Cloud"--explore Chinese reality through images of the absurd, sudden and illogical juxtapositions, and the limitless transformations induced by a unique imagination.

About the Author
"Can Xue's writing is among the most innovative to have appeared in China in recent years." --Times Literary Supplement
"Both novellas describe hell on earth in a fragmented style matching the disjointed world depicted, an often frightful picture that could be a canvas painted jointly by Bosch and Dali." --Library Journal