The Object of the Atlantic

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November 2014
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The Object of the Atlantic

Concrete Aesthetics in Cuba, Brazil, and Spain, 1868-1968
Rachel Price

The Object of the Atlantic is a wide-ranging study of the transition from a concern with sovereignty to a concern with things in Iberian Atlantic literature and art produced between 1868 and 1968. Rachel Price uncovers the surprising ways that concrete aesthetics from Cuba, Brazil, and Spain drew not only on global forms of constructivism but also on a history of empire, slavery, and media technologies from the Atlantic world. Analyzing Jose Marti’s notebooks, Joaquim de Sousandrade’s poetry, Ramiro de Maeztu’s essays on things and on slavery, 1920s Cuban literature on economic restructuring, Ferreira Gullar’s theory of the “non-object,” and neoconcrete art, Price shows that the turn to objects—nd from these to new media networks—as rooted in the very philosophies of history that helped form the Atlantic world itself.

About the Author

Rachel Price is an assistant professor of Spanish and Portuguese languages and cultures at Princeton University.


"The Object of the Atlantic traces the emergence of “concretude” as a central concern of poets from Cuba, Brazil, and Spain.  Price’s work is highly original. It signals the rise of Trans-Atlantic Studies as a significant field of literary and cultural studies, which allows subsequent scholars to move beyond the geographical limits of Latin America or the Iberian Peninsula, and it engages with close readings of poetry in relation to changes in political and economic order, potentially revitalizing the study of Latin American and Iberian poetics at a particularly propitious time."—Justin Read, Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, University at Buffalo