Not the Germans Alone

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ISBN 978-0-8101-1843-0
Publication Date
May 2001
Page Count
341 pages
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6 x 9

Not the Germans Alone

A Son's Search for the Truth of Vichy
Isaac Levendel

Winner of the Prix Franco-Européen

On the eve of D-Day, Isaac Levendel's mother left her hiding place on a farm in southern France and never returned. After 40 years of silence and torment, he returned to France in 1990 determined to find out what had happened. This is the story of how, with perseverance, luck, and official help, he gained access to secret wartime documents laying bare the details of French collaboration-and the truth about his mother's fate.

About the Author
"Highly readable and deeply moving, this book is an important contribution to Holocaust literature. It raises many questions and opens many gates leading to the abyss of darkness and despair of those years. Reading it is in itself a commitment to memory." --Elie Wiesel
"The responsibility spreads like rings in a pond. . . . Isaac Levendel's well-written and well-documented account. . . . is full of anger--at the murderous French lackeys of the Nazis, at those who turned away and would not try to save the Jews, at the bureaucrats who still try to whitewash the truth, at the anti-Semitic Catholic leaders who tacitly approved of the campaign against the Jews." --Boston Globe