The New World

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ISBN 978-1-880684-81-8
Publication Date
February 2002
Page Count
84 pages
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6 x 9

The New World

George Evans

The New World is a series of poems about the post Cold War era. Exploring the aftermath of wars, social upheaval, and growing regimentation in our culture (contrasted to the beauties of the natural world), with an apocalyptic vision of the future, these poems are presented in language that communicates directly and simply, laced with startling images that burn themselves into your consciousness.

About the Author

George Evans has published five collections of poetry in the US and England, and received writing fellowships from the NEA, Lannan Foundation, and California Arts Council. He edited the popular national contemporary poetry and arts project Streetfare Journal, and has translated the poetry of Huu Thinh and Daisy Zamora. He lives in San Francisco. 


"The New World is exciting, provocative, challenging, and passionately individual, offering up new metaphors of America... His is the poetry of life descending into hell to search out life in the characters of chaos and destitution... an amazing book."

—Jimmy Santiago Baca 

"In Evans' world... song is made tonic by history and despair bearable by appeals to the cosmos... The work doesn't exactly soothe or assuage, but hurts exactly where things have gone awry. In a lot of places."

—Andrei Codrescu

"He has a bass player's ear and a photographer's eye. His poems have a relentless intelligence and an even more insistent integrity. He has taken stone-hard human experience and translated it into art. An acute sense of irony, honed to a razor's edge, but redemptive compassion as well. In these terrible times, utterly essential." 

—Martín Espada