Trade Cloth – $15.95

ISBN 978-0-914590-02-6
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Publication Date
October 1974
Page Count
156 pages
Trim Size
5 1/4 x 8 1/2


B.H. Friedman

This novel is both a love story and the history of the Skane family's Museum of Living Art, as it changes from a small private museum into a large public institution, what Emerson called "the lengthened shadow of one man." That man, the museum's founder, permeates the novel. Though long dead, his ideas, his wishes, his dreams struggle to stay alive in the consciousness of his son, who sits on the museum's board. The son's intense relationships with his sister, and with two other women--a painter and an art historian--are contrasted against the cold, businesslike board meetings, as he resists the institutionalization of his and his father's dreams.

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