The Murder of the Jews in Latvia 1941-1945

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Publication Date
February 2000
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222 pages
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The Murder of the Jews in Latvia 1941-1945

Bernhard Press

At the end of June 1941, Latvia fell into the hands of the Germans. This book is an account of life and death during the subsequent Nazi reign of terror. Press describes his escape from the Riga ghetto, his three years in hiding, and the trials that awaited the surviving Jews of Riga after it was "liberated" by the Red Army. Recounting his own harrowing experience and detailing the plight of Eastern European Jews faced with the anti-Semitism of their homelands, the Germans, and the Soviets, Press recovers a lost chapter in the history of the Holocaust.

About the Author

Bernhard Press was born in Riga in 1917. Because of overt anti-Semitism in Latvia, he began medical school at the University of Florence but returned home in 1938. In 1951, while at Riga University, Press was accused of high treason and sentenced to twenty-five years in the arctic labor camp at Norilsk. He was released in 1956. Press and his family emigrated to West Germany in 1979. He is Honorary Professor of Pathology at the Free University of Berlin.

Laimdota Mazzarins is a translator and an editor living in Cologne.