Modernism - Dada - Postmodernism

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Publication Date
December 1999
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480 pages
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Modernism - Dada - Postmodernism

Richard Sheppard

This new collection updates, integrates, and contextualizes Richard Sheppard's essays on the historical avant-garde. Sheppard examines responses of modernist writers, artists, and philosophers to a changed sense of reality and human nature. With its combination of previously published and new essays and its perspective on the theoretical avant-garde-modernism debate in the U.S., the volume provides the specialist and the general reader insight into European scholarly discourse on this hotly debated subject.

About the Author
"Indispensable for anyone writing on European Modernism, Dada, or the European avant-garde. . . . An important and very welcome publication."
--Rudolf E. Kuenzli, Director of the International Dada Archive