Like a Misunderstood Salvation and Other Poems

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Publication Date
May 2013
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112 pages
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Like a Misunderstood Salvation and Other Poems

Aime Cesaire

Annette Smith and Dominic Thomas’s new translations of Aimé Césaire’s Like a Misunderstood Salvation and Solar Throat Slashed (poems deleted) expose to a new audience a pivotal figure in twentieth-century French literature. This collection presents the early and last stages of a po­et’s course, encapsulating in one volume Césaire’s entire literary career and creative evolution as perhaps the only French poet writing simultaneously at the crossroads of the avant-garde and classical movements. 

This volume’s inclusion of previously deleted poems from Solar Throat Slashed is politically important; despite their initial exclusion from a French republication of Soleil Cou Coupé in 1961, these thirty-one poems are crucial to understanding Césaire’s legacy and remain of tremendous pertinence today as they provide helpful ways of thinking about and contextualizing discussions on race, identity, global identities, and the links between “black conscious­ness” and “social consciousness.”

About the Author

Aimé Césaire (1913–2008) was a poet and politician from the French Carib­bean island of Martinique. A teacher of Frantz Fanon, he was one of the founders of the négritude movement.

Annette Smith is a professor of literature emerita at CalTech.

Dominic Thomas is a professor of French and francophone studies and of comparative literature at UCLA.