Merleau-Ponty's Ontology

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Publication Date
January 1998
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Merleau-Ponty's Ontology

Second Edition
M.C. Dillon

Originally published in 1988, M.C. Dillon's classic study of Merleau-Ponty is now available in a revised second edition containing a new preface and a new chapter on "Truth in Art." Dillon's thesis is that Merleau-Ponty has developed the first genuine alternative to ontological dualism seen in Western philosophy. From his early work on the philosophical significance of the human body to his later ontology of flesh, Merleau-Ponty shows that the perennial problems growing out of dualistic conceptions of mind and body, subject and object, immanence and transcendence can be resolved within the framework of a new way of thinking based on the exemplar of the worldly embodiment of thought.

About the Author

M.C. Dillon was Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy at Binghamton University. His publicaions include Merleau-Ponty VivantSemiological Reductionism: A Critique of the Deconstructionist Movement in Postmodern Thought, Écart and Différance: Merleau-Ponty and Derrida on Seeing and Writing, and mroe than fifty journal raticles, many of which are devoted to Merleau-Ponty scholarship.