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Publication Date
July 1995
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220 pages
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Thomas P. Anderson

This authoritative account of the matanza narrates the circumstances leading up to the 1932 communist revolt in El Salvador, a pivotal event in Central American history. It investigates the proximate and underlying causes of the conflict and follows the progression of the rebellion and subsequent slaughter (matanza) of thousands of peasants, even those merely suspected of participating in the uprising. It provides a vivid, detailed chronicle of the revolt in various Salvadoran towns as well as the social aspects, battles, military engagements, and innumerable casualties. 

In light of the scarcity of first-hand information and primary sources, Anderson makes remarkable use of interviews and oral histories to develop this invaluable and searing record of injustice.

About the Author

Dr. Thomas Anderson is the author of several books and articles, including War of the Dispossessed and Politics in Central America. An Emeritus Professor of History at Eastern Connecticut State University until his retirement in 1994, Anderson also has acted as a consultant to the State Department and Congressional Committees.  

". . . an intelligent and sympathetic appreciation of the Salvadoran experience." —American Historical Review

"Thomas Anderson has written an account that fills one of the many gaps in Salvadoran history. Anderson's explanation of the revolt makes sense; the chronicle of events is remarkably detailed . . . this volume will serve as the standard account of the uprising for a number of years to come." —The Hispanic American Historical Review

" . . . Anderson's volume will be valuable to specialists and anyone interested in the 1932 uprising." —The Americas