Luisa in Realityland

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July 1995
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152 pages
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Luisa in Realityland

Claribel Alegria

A collection of poetry from one of Central America's most accomplished writers, Claribel Alegría, Luisa in Realityland explores state oppression, cultural identity, and everyday life as a woman in Latin America. Alternating between prose and verse, and frequently entering the realm of magical realism, Alegría discusses the horrors she's seen without losing sight of the universal nature of humanity. 

About the Author

Claribel Alegría was a Salvadorian-Nicaraguan poet, essayist, novelist, and journalist who was a major voice in the literature of contemporary Central America. She has been called "one of the region's finest writers" by The Washington Post. She has published over forty books, including fifteen collections of poetry, and was a recipient of the Casa de las Americas Prize of Cuba. Her works in English include Ashes of Izalco, Luisa in Realityland, and Family Album. She was awarded the 2006 Neustadt International Prize for Literature. She died in 2018.

In 1947 Alegría married the U.S.-born journalist Darwin J. ("Bud") Flakoll; they had three daughters and one son. Flakoll coauthored some of her novels and translated much of her work into English. He died in 1995. Alegría's Sorrow, a collection of love poems, was written for her deceased husband.


"Luisa in Realityland is a work whose language delights and astounds." — American Book Review

"Neither bitter or is a book by a writer driven by a vision of peace." —Christian Science Monitor

"This poignant book will be an invaluable document for students of literature and of Latin American History." —Choice