Luisa and the Silence

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Publication Date
January 2002
Page Count
165 pages
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Luisa and the Silence

Claudio Piersanti

Claudio Piersanti's spare novel observes the life of Luisa, an aging accountant for a toy factory. She is active, liked, serene in her solitude and habits. But a series of changes challenges her and, worse, Luisa must cope with the slow deterioration of her health. But after she unwisely retires, she withdraws into seclusion, and must alone confront depression and dementia--and the ultimate silence that lies beyond.
About the Author

Claudio Piersanti, born in Canzano in Abruzzi in 1954, is a popular Italian novelist and screenwriter. His works include Gli sguardi cattivi della gente and Casa di nessuno: Romanzo.

George Hochfield was nominated for the PEN West Translation Prize for Giampiero Carocci's Officers Camp. He lives in Berkeley, California.
"A master of the understatement, of elegance and psychological penetration, Piersanti describes the loneliness and depth of ordinary lives, of daily routines, of a humanity rendered with an original and unforgettable style."
--La rivista dei libri (Italian edition of the New York Review of Books)
"Piersanti's art is characterized by economy and restraint. With a less talented writer, these qualities would result in aridity. This novel, on the contrary, leaves one feeling more alive that before." --Columbus Dispatch
"Tenderly and delicately told, the tale of Luisa's descent into her final illness and isolation elegantly insinuates itself into the reader's consciousness." --Publishers Weekly