The Loves of Ricardo

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Publication Date
May 1997
Page Count
160 pages
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The Loves of Ricardo

Ricardo Sanchez
About the Author
"'Now is when I live/now is tantamount/to seeing/being life anew,' Ricardo wrote, spoke, and lived. This was his credo. To live, to see, to be, to speak, that's what poetry was to Ricardo, a passionate believer in the power of poetry. And that's what poetry truly is when and if it is anything at all. And that is what will always keep his voice alive because poetry is a voice and vision that keeps our lives anew." --Simon J. Ortiz
"He is deadly serious and dedicated when it comes to his writings. It is because of this dedication that from the midst of many other talented Chicano writers he should be singled out as a major contributor in establishing Chicano literature." --Abelardo Delgado