The Loss

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Publication Date
July 1998
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The Loss

A Novella and Two Short Stories
Vladimir Makanin

The novella and two short stories that make up this volume were written at three different periods in Makanin's life, yet they are united by their narrative and stylistic invention, their range of human emotion, and the profound humanity of their prose. Though banished and suppressed in the Brezhnev era, Makanin is now recognized as one of Russia's leading writers.

In his celebrated short story "The Prisoner of the Caucasus," two Russian soldiers take a Chechen prisoner during the war, and as events unfold, Makanin reveals the casual brutality of the war but also the secret truths of the character's lives. In the novella The Loss, Pekalov, a drunkard and dreamer obsessed with the idea of building a tunnel under the Ural River, disappears in a ditch while working and is made a saint by the people of his village. "Klyucharyov and Alimushkin" tells the story of what happens when one man becomes remarkably lucky while the other loses all his luck.

About the Author

Vladimir Semyonovich Makanin (Born March 1937 in Orsk, Soviet Union) is a Russian writer.

"Makanin strives here for Tolstoyan artistic and philosophical heights--and not without some success." --Washington Post Book World
"Makanin plays on gain and loss in three registers in these stories, each in a distinctive voice and a universal language."--Review of Contemporary Literature
"A revelaing contribution to the literature of the former Eastern bloc."--New York Times Book Review