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ISBN 978-0-8101-5100-0
Publication Date
June 2000
Page Count
307 pages
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6 x 9


Abigail De Witt
A fascinating examination of one woman's intimate life against the epic backdrop of twentieth-century Europe.
About the Author

Abigail De Witt, the recipient of a Michener fellowship, has published short stories in Salamander, The Journal, and Carolina Quarterly. She lives in North Carolina

"One of the many marvels of this extraordinary novel is its delicate, perfect poised choreography: Perhaps only for Kundera have the sensual and the philosophical danced together so beautifully. . . . Abigail De Witt brings to life here a woman of sly and wondrous contradictions. Lili's hold on the reader will be no less ferocious than her grasp on life."

--Susan Dodd, author of Mamaw
"Engrossing and ambitious. . . . what bodes so well for the future of this novelist, is De Witt's sophisticated choice of narrative voice. Lili's consciousness is narrated not by her but through her." --Valerie Martin, New York Times Book Review
"First-time novelist De Witt skillfully explores the nature of love as a door to the experience of the Divine, and the relationship between sexual and religious ecstasy." --Booklist