Life in the Writings of Storm Jameson

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September 2014
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Life in the Writings of Storm Jameson

A Biography
Elizabeth Maslen

Margaret Storm Jameson (1891–1986) is primarily known as a compelling essayist; her stature as a novelist and champion of the dispossessed is largely forgotten. In Life in the Writings of Storm Jameson, Elizabeth Maslen reveals a figure who held her own beside fellow British women writers, including Virginia Woolf; anticipated the Angry Young Women, such as Doris Lessing; and was an early champion of such European writers as Arthur Koestler and Czesław Miłosz. Jameson was a complex character whose politics were grounded in social justice; she was passionately antifascist—her novel In the Second Year (1936) raised the alarm about Nazism—but always wary of communism. An eloquent polemicist, Jameson was, as president of the British P.E.N. during the 1930s and 1940s, of invaluable assistance to refugee writers. Elizabeth Maslen’s biography introduces a true twentieth century hedgehog, whose essays and subtly experimental fiction were admired in Europe and the States.

About the Author

Elizabeth Maslen is Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, at the University of London.


"Maslen's important biography gives readers a view of the struggles and triumphs of Storm Jameson and at the same time reveals how much contemporary women writers owe the women writers of the 20th century. Recommended. All Readers." —CHOICE

"Maslen's biography is a major step toward resuscitating Jameson, breathing new life and laying a fresh layer of groundwork for future scholars at work in this evaluative and critical project." —Twentieth-Century Literature