Lessons and Legacies III

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Publication Date
January 1999
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Lessons and Legacies III

Memory, Memorialization, and Denial
Peter Hayes

The process of looking back on the Holocaust is one of a double nature: it can bring both enlightenment and a paralyzing pain, particularly for its survivors. This volume addresses the process of looking back, the challenges to understanding of unimaginable horrors that took place, and how academia, media, popular attitudes, and even judicial mind-sets handle that process.

A collection of nineteen essays, this book is organized into four sections: the first focuses on how various fields of study can open new perspectives on the Holocaust and sharpen old ones; the second examines culture and politics in Germany before and after 1933; the third addresses the problems associated with the memorialization of those years; and the final section examines the shocking denials of the Holocaust.

About the Author

Peter Hayes is the Theodore Zev Weiss Holocaust Educational Foundation Professor in the Department of History at Northwestern University.