Language, Thought, and Logic

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May 1994
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Language, Thought, and Logic

John M. Ellis

John M. Ellis's Against Deconstruction was hailed as the definitive critique of that complex movement. In this new work, Ellis surmounts the impasse and confusion in theory of language to develop a strikingly original view arguing that categorization, not syntax, is the most fundamental aspect and process of language, and that neither anything else in language nor, indeed, its purposes can be properly understood until the nature of categorization has been grasped.
About the Author

John M. Ellis is professor of German Literature at the University of California at Santa Cruz. He is the author of eight bokos, including Against DeconstructionOne Fairy-Story Too Many: The Brothers Grimm and Their Tales, and The Theory of Literary Criticism: A Logical Analysis.

"Bravo to the author of this bravely instructive look at theory of language! . . . We have much to learn from both the content and the style of Language, Thought, and Logic respectful consideration of the past and honest discussions of the present shall hopefully yield a happy future of linguistic theory." --Word