Kantian Transpositions

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August 2014
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Kantian Transpositions

Derrida and the Philosophy of Religion
Eddis N. Miller

Kantian Transpositions presents an important new reading of Jacques Derrida’s writings on religion and ethics. Eddis Miller argues that Derrida’s late texts on religion constitute an interrogation of the meaning and possibility of a “philosophy of religion.” It is the first book to fully engage Derrida’s claim, in Faith and Knowledge: The Two Sources of ‘Religion’ at the Limits of Reason Alone” to be transposing the Kantian gesture of thinking religion “within the limits of reason alone.”

Miller outlines the terms of this “transposition” and reads Derrida’s work as an attempt to enact such a transposition. Along the way, he stakes out new ground in the debate over deconstruction and ethics, showing—against recent interpretations of Derrida’s work—that there is an ethical moment in Derrida’s writings that cannot be understood properly without accounting for the decisive role played by Kant’s ethics. The result is the most sustained demonstration yet offered of Kant’s indispensible contribution to Derrida’s thought.

About the Author

EDDIS N. MILLER is an associate professor of philosophy and religious studies at Pace University in New York.


"[Kantian Transpositions] is strongly argued and elegantly written. It should be read by anyone interested in Derrida’s reception of Kant, or in determining Derrida’s relevance to the discipline of philosophy of religion." —Critical Research on Religion