Kant, Ontology, and the A Priori

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ISBN 978-0-8101-3842-1
Publication Date
October 2018
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208 pages
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Kant, Ontology, and the A Priori

Moltke S. Gram

Kant, Ontology, and the A Priori  is a close study of Kant’s conception of metaphysical propositions. In it Moltke Gram aims  to show in what sense Kant is offering a theory of metaphysical propositions about objects in general. Gram presents a criticism of the tendency to focus on Kant’s theory of dialectic as the source of paradigm cases of metaphysical propositions.
About the Author

MOLTKE STEFANUS GRAM  (born 1938) received his PhD in philosophy from Indiana University Bloomington in 1966. He taught philosophy at Indiana University Bloomington, Northwestern University, and the University of Iowa.