The Jews in Polish Culture

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August 1988
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The Jews in Polish Culture

Aleksander Hertz
About the Author

Aleksander Hertz (1895-1983) was a Polish sociologist.

Lucjan Dobroszycki (1925-95) was a Polish historian and survivor of Auschwitz. He focused on modern Polish and Polish-Jewish history.
"The author's marginal position in the Polish-Jewish context, his experience of American society and his sociological equipment and profound insight have enabled him to produce work of unique character and intellectual quality. It is a must for all those interested in Poland, Polish Jewry, and inter-ethnic relations in general." --Dr. Lukasz Hirszowicz, Soviet-Jewish Affairs

"A richly perceptive sociological consideration of the Jewish community as a caste in 19th- and early-20th-century Poland... A book that should be part of any study of modern Polish culture or Diaspora Jewry." --Kirkus Reviews