Italian and Spanish Art 1600-1750

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January 1993
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Italian and Spanish Art 1600-1750

Sources and Documents
Robert Enggass

The Baroque period was crucial for the development of art theory and the advancement of the artistic academy. This collection of primary sources brings this important period to life with significant documents and texts. It conveniently assembles major texts, which are otherwise available only in scattered publications. The lives of leading artists--Caravaggio, El Greco, among others---are discussed by their contemporaries, while Bellori, Galileo, Pascoli, and others write on art theory and practice. The documents provide fascinating glimpses of the period's artistic self-image.

About the Author

Robert Enggass is Fuller E. Callaway Professor of Art Emeritus at the University of Georgia.  

Jonathan Brown is Carroll and Milton Petrie Professor of Fine Arts at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.