Introduction to Husserlian Phenomenology

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Publication Date
April 1993
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269 pages
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Introduction to Husserlian Phenomenology

Rudolf Bernet, Iso Kern, and Eduard Marbach
This comprehensive study of Husserl's phenomenology concentrates on Husserl's emphasis on the theory of knowledge. The authors develop a synthetic overview of phenomenology and its relation to logic, mathematics, the natural and human sciences, and philosophy. The result is an example of philology at its best, avoiding technical language and making Husserl's thought accessible to a variety of readers.
About the Author

Rudolf Bernet is professor of philosophy at the University of Louvain and a member of the board of directors of the Husserl Archives. 

Iso Kern is senior reader at the University of Bern and editor of Husserliana XIII-XV.  

Eduard Marbach is senior reader in philosophy at the University of Bern and editor of Husserliana XXIII.  

"This masterful volume will be the standard overview of Edmund Husserl's philosophy for at least a generation. . . . [It] simply raises Husserl scholarship to a new plateau."

—Lester Embree, William F. Dietrich Eminent Scholar of Philosophy at Florida Atlantic University