Intersections and Transpositions

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Publication Date
June 1998
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Intersections and Transpositions

Russian Music, Literature, and Society
Andrew Baruch Wachtel

 This collection serves as an introduction to the great variety of approaches being used by Slavicists and historians to situate music and literature in the Russian cultural imagination. Part I focuses on music in art. The nine essays in this section explore the complex interaction of literary and musical texts in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Contributors discuss such writers as Pushkin, Chekhov, and Pasternak, and composers including Musorgsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, and Blok. Part II centers on music in life. Its five essays address music as a cultural form, as presented and enjoyed in the home, the theater, and the opera house. This book provides a unique window on The musical, literary, and social interactions that have been typical of modern Russian culture.Contributing to this volume are Thomas P. Hodge, Caryl Emerson, Jennifer Fuller, Justin Weir, Alexander Burry, James Morgan, Andrew Baruch Wachtel, Tim Langen, Jesse Langen, Richard Stites, Ilya Vinitsky, Julie Buckler, Rosamund Bartlett, Boris Gasparov, Nicholas Glossop, and Amy Nelson.

About the Author

Andrew Wachtel is a Professor of Slavic Languages & Literatures at Northwestern University.