Interpreting Law and Literature

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Publication Date
March 1988
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502 pages
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Interpreting Law and Literature

A Hermeneutic Reader
Sanford Levinson and Steven Mailloux

From the Preface:

"Contemporary theory has usefully analyzed how alternative modes of interpretation produce different meanings, how reading itself is constituted by the variable perspectives of readers, and how these perspectives are in turn defined by prejudices, ideologies, interests, and so forth. Some theorists gave argued persuasively that textual meaning, in literature and in literary interpretation, is structured by repression and forgetting, by what the literary or critical text does not say as much as by what it does. All these claims are directly relevant to legal hermeneutics, and thus it is no surprise that legal theorists have recently been turning to literary theory for potential insight into the interpretation of law. This collection of essays is designed to represent the especially rich interactive that has taken place between legal and literary hermeneutics during the past ten years."

About the Author

Sanford Levinson, Professor of Law at the University of Texas, is the co-author of Processes of Constitutional Decision Making.

Steven Mailloux, Professor of English at Syracuse University, is the author of Interpretive Conventions: The Reader in the Study of American Fiction and Rhetorical Power.