Instructions for Folding

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December 2014
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Instructions for Folding

Willie Lin

In one of the poems in Instructions for Folding, Willie Lin writes, “it seemed you were away but not beyond language.” And accordingly, the voice in these poems is sometimes fervid, sometimes wry, moved to speech by the specific desire to speak to someone. The poems often progress associatively, following a kind of lyric logic of involution, disruption, and juxtaposition. They rehearse the work of learning the heft and shape of memories. They revel in failures and take pleasure in mourning. They bristle with narrative suggestiveness, weaving an austere music against a scrim of love, loneliness, secrets, and elation.

About the Author

WILLIE LIN lives and works in Chicago. Her poems have appeared in 111O, Blackbird, the Cincinnati Review, Washington Square Review, and other journals.