The Inner Adventure

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Publication Date
February 2003
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136 pages
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The Inner Adventure

Conversations with Louis Calaferte
Louis Calaferte and Jean Pierre Pauty

Calaferte had recently been awarded the Grand Prix National des Lettres when he sat down with Jean-Pierre Pauty, a friend and movie director, to discuss his life and work. The Inner Adventure brings these interviews to English-speaking readers for the first time, revealing the creative process and philosophies of a writer who has challenged others with his brutal honesty and his view that only experience can be the basis of creativity, thought, and knowledge.

About the Author

Louis Calaferte was born in Turin in 1928. He was a playwright, poet, and writer of prose. His other works include C'est la Guerre and The Way It Works with Women, both published by the Marlboro Press/Northwestern. He died in 1994.

Jean-Pierre Pauty is a director whose works include the 1993 documentary on Louis Calaferte entitled Un îlot de résistance

Willard Wood is the translator of Anka Muhlstein's La Salle: Explorer of the North American Frontier and J.-C. Rufin's The Abyssinian  and The Siege of Isfahan.