The Inability to Love

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Publication Date
December 2014
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The Inability to Love

Jews, Gender, and America in Recent German Literature
Agnes C. Mueller

The Inability to Love borrows its title from Alexander and Margarete Mitscherlich’s 1967 landmark book The Inability to Mourn, which discussed German society’s lack of psychological reckoning with the Holocaust. Challenging that notion, Agnes Mueller turns to recently published works by prominent contemporary German, non-Jewish writers to examine whether there has been a thorough engagement with German history and memory. She focuses on literature that invokes Jews, Israel, and the Holocaust. Mueller’s aim is to shed light on pressing questions concerning German memories of the past, and on German images of Jews in Germany at a moment that s ideologically and historically fraught.
About the Author

Agnes C. Mueller is a professor of German at the University of South Carolina. She is the editor of German Pop Culture: How “American” Is It? (2004).

"Mueller’s overall analysis is trenchant and convincing. By uncovering crucial... elements of popular texts, she makes an important contribution to German memory studies. Scholars specializing in the field, as well as anyone interested in recent German literature, will find the book intriguing." --German Studies Review 

"Agnes Mueller's book is an important contribution to discussions of 'literary antisemitism.' But Mueller's challenge to literary studies is significant in its own right: a call for a more developed model to understand interactions of author, reader, text, and affect in relation to a past that remains a formative force in the present. The Inability to Love offers a promising new direction." --The German Quarterly