Human Experience of Time

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March 2001
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Human Experience of Time

The Development of Its Philosophic Meaning
Charles Sherover

First published in 1975 and still without equal, The Human Experience of Time provides a thorough review of the concept of time in the Western philosophic tradition. Encompassing a wide range of writings, from the Book of Genesis and the classical thinkers to the work of such twentieth-century philosophers as Collingwood and McKeon, all with introductory essays by the editor, this classic anthology offers a synoptic view of the changing philosophic notions of time.

About the Author

Charles M. Sherover is a professor emeritus of philosophy at Hunter College. He is the author of Heidegger, Kant, and Time and Time, Freedom and the Common Good: An Essay in Public Philosophy. 
"Very ambitious . . . no ordinary anthology. . . . [I]f it takes the work of many disciplines to explore the meaning of time . . . then this will be a book to go to in order to hear the philosopher's side of the story." --International Philosophical Quarterly

"A long needed book, which will be widely welcomed and used. It is unique in its scope and in the sympathetic intelligence of its exposition." --Review of Metaphysics