How Does Law Matter?

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Publication Date
September 1998
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How Does Law Matter?

Fundamental Issues in Law And Society
Bryant G. Garth and Austin Sarat

The question of how law matters has long been fundamental to the law and society field. Social science scholarship has repeatedly demonstrated that law matters less, or differently, than those who study only legal doctrine would have us believe. Yet research in this field depends on a belief in the relevance of law, no matter how often gaps are identified.

These essays show how law is relevant in both an "instrumental" and a "constitutive" sense, as a tool to accomplish particular purposes and as an important force in shaping the everyday worlds in which we live. Essays examine these issues by focusing on legal consciousness, the body, discrimination, and colonialism as well as on more traditional legal concerns such as juries and criminal justice.

About the Author

Bryant G. Garth is director of the American Bar Foundation.
Austin Sarat is the Oliver Wendell Holmes Professor of Law and Jurisprudence at Amherst College.