Hidden in Plain Sight

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Publication Date
August 2016
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296 pages
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Hidden in Plain Sight

Jews and Jewishness in British Film, Television, and Popular Culture
Edited by Nathan Abrams

Hidden in Plain Sight: Jews and Jewishness in British Film, Television, and Popular Culture is the first collection of its kind on this subject. The volume brings together a range of original essays that address different aspects of the role and presence of Jews and Jewishness in British film and television from the interwar period to the present. It constructs a historical overview of the Jewish contribution to British film and television, which has not always been sufficiently acknowledged. Each chapter presents a case study reflective of the specific Jewish experience as well as its particularly British context, with cultural representations of how Jews responded to events from the 1930s and '40s, including World War II, the Holocaust, and a legacy of antisemitism, through to the new millennium.
About the Author

NATHAN ABRAMS is a professor of film studies at Bangor University in Wales.

“Abrams makes a significant contribution to a broader field of Judaic studies, while contributing something notable to the specific analysis of Jews in British film and television. Simply put, this is an excellent collection and a much needed work. There is not a chapter here that I did not enjoy reading.” —James Chapman, editor of The Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television