Heidegger and the Tradition

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Publication Date
November 1982
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275 pages
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Heidegger and the Tradition

Werner Marx
A view of Heidegger's divergence from the traditional philosophies of reason.
About the Author

Werner Marx (1910-1994) was a German philosopher and Heidegger expert. He taught at the University of Freiburg.

Theodore Kisiel is a professor emeritus of Philosophy at Northern Illinois University.


"Heidegger and Marx is a stunning work of erudition and scholarship that brings together two crucial thinkers who are usually treated as worlds apart and even as antipodes. Digging beneath the ideological assumptions that underlie any claim of radical opposition, Hemming uncovers an entirely different (ontological) layer where the two thinkers can indeed enter into fruitful dialogue: namely, their joint emphasis on human practice or creative work in opposition to metaphysical abstractions." —Fred R. Dallmayr, Emeritus Packey J. Dee Professor, Departments of Philosophy and Political Science, University of Notre Dame

"Heidegger and Marx is a wholly original and unquestionably important study. The book carefully puts Marx and Heidegger into dialogue, in an approach that is both textual—drawing out the references from a range of places in Heidegger's work, and making especial use of newly published materials—and reconstructive, in building up the shape of an overall argument. This is difficult work, and Hemming is exemplary in being attuned to all the challenges that go with it. Anyone interested in twentieth-century philosophy should read this book." —Stuart Elden, Professor, Department of Geography, Durham University