Hegel Myths and Legends

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Publication Date
May 1996
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Hegel Myths and Legends

Jon Stewart

For many years, scholars in German idealism have known that a number of the views of Hegel rife in the Anglo-Saxon world are highly inaccurate. The essays collected in The Hegel Myths and Legends disabuse students and nonspecialists of these misconceptions by exposing the myths for what they are.

About the Author

Jon Stewart is an associate research professor at the Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is supported by the Danish National Research Foundation. 

"The Hegel Myths and Legends is a wonderful book to counter prejudices against Hegel's philosophy. In addition, the essays give insight into why and how the myths were created. . . . Stewart's collection of essays should facilitate that Hegel's philosophy can no longer be dismissed as easily as has been and is still done." --Review of Metaphysics