H. G. Adler

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Publication Date
February 2016
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H. G. Adler

Life, Literature, Legacy
Edited by Julia Creet, Sara R. Horowitz, and Amira Bojadzija-Dan

H. G. Adler: Life, Literature, Legacy is the first collection of essays in English dedicated to the life and work of German-language author H. G. Adler. Among the international scholars of German, Jewish, and Holocaust literature and history who reveal the range of Adler’s legacy across genres are Adler’s son, Jeremy Adler, and Peter Filkins, translator of Adler’s trilogy, Panorama (The Journey). Together, the essays examine Adler’s writing in relation to his life, especially his memory as a survivor of the Nazi death camps and his posthumous recognition for having produced a Gesamkunstwerk, an aesthetic synthesis of the Shoah. The book carries the moral charge of Adler’s work, moving beyond testimony to a complex dialectic between fact and fiction, exploring Adler’s experiments with voice and the ethical work of literary engagement with the Shoah.

About the Author

JULIA CREET is an associate professor in the Department of English, York University, Toronto, Canada.

AMIRA BOJADZIJA-DAN is a postdoctoral research associate at the Israel and Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies at York University, Toronto, Canada.

SARA R. HOROWITZ is Professor of Humanities at York University, Toronto, Canada.