Guy Davenport

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July 2007
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Guy Davenport

Postmodern and After
Andre Furlani

Guy Davenport (1927-2005), an American writer of fiction, poetry, criticism, and essays, a translator, painter, intellectual, and teacher, brought a breadth and depth of knowledge to his pursuits that few other writers could approach, let alone appraise. In Andre Furlani, this twentieth-century American master has finally found an apt critical reader. In this first sustained critical study of Davenport, Furlani elucidates the depths of Davenport's fiction and its poetic precedents, brings a rare understanding to the author's reworking of twentieth-century literature and intellectual history, and offers unusual insight into his compositional technique.

Furlani explores key themes across the spectrum of Davenport's fiction: pastoral utopia; twentieth-century dystopia; sexual ethics; the mythologizing of childhood; the inseparability of the archaic and the modern; and a celebration of the union ofsophia, eros, and poesia. Whether Davenport's view of art and the cosmos should be called "postmodern" is a question that Furlani considers closely--offering, finally, a new aesthetic for this American original who, in these pages, at last receives the thorough and meticulous attention he has long merited.

About the Author
Andre Furlani is an associate professor in the English department at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.
"Furlani's scholarship is overall remarkable. His is a notable contribution to the key, fast expanding field of postmodern studies and contemporary humanities broadly; in particular it renders justice to a largely under-read yet very important, representative writer." -Christian Moraru, University of North Carolina, Greensboro