Growing up in a Divided Society

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Publication Date
June 1990
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Growing up in a Divided Society

Sandra Burman

What does it mean to be a child in South Africa today? This question is answerable only in the context of arpartheid, the legalized separation of "races" that determines all aspects of life in that country. InĀ Growing Up in a Divided Society, scholars from a wide range of disciplines explore the devastating, pervasive, and profound effects of apartheid and racism on the children of South Africa.
About the Author

Sandra Burman is Research Fellow at Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford, and Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Cape Town.

Pamela Reynolds is an anthropologist and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Zimbabwe.

Desmond Tutu is the Archbishop of Cape Town and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984.

Robert Coles is Director of the School of Public Health at Harvard University.