Globalisation and Legal Theory

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November 2001
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Globalisation and Legal Theory

William Twining

Even local newspapers report on famines, global warming, human rights, the Internet, financial markets, and world sports. Globalisation is news. What are the implications for understanding law? Can one look at law from a global perspective? William Twining addresses these issues by asking how traditional Anglo-American legal theory can respond to the challenges of globalisation.

About the Author

William Twining is Research Professor of Law at University College London. Twining's Rethinking Evidence and Analysis of Evidence were co-published by Northwestern University Press.
"Twining applies his vast learning, and a wonderful imagination, to grapple fruitfully with some of the most complex issues raised by the rapid changes occurring today in law from the local to the global level. This is a fascinating and rewarding book." --Brian Z. Tamanaha, author of A General Jurisprudence of Law and Society

"Twining is one of the most consistently intelligent and interesting writers in English about a complex of issues concerning law, legal theory, lawyers, and law practice, legal scholarship, and legal education."

—John Griffiths, University of Groningen