Ghost Quartet

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ISBN 978-0-8101-5095-9
Publication Date
November 1999
Page Count
312 pages
Trim Size
5 3/4 x 8 3/4

Ghost Quartet

Richard Burgin

Set in the contemporary classical music world of New York City and Tanglewood, Ghost Quartet centers on the Faustian struggles of Ray Stoneson, an ambition thirty-two-year old composer. When Ray meets Perry Green, an internationally renowned, considerably older gay conductor who is desperately attracted to him, both of their lives change. Perry offers to further Ray's career in exchange for a relationship; but when Ray complies, it threatens his love for Joy, the beautiful singer he longs to marry.

About the Author

Richard Burgin is an American fiction writer, editor, composer, critic, and academic. He has published fifteen books, and since 1996 has been professor of Communication and English at St. Louis University. He is also the founder and editor of the internationally distributed award-winning literary magazine Boulevard, now in its 28th year of continuous publication.

"Moral and psychological issues are examined in the light of sympathetic, utterly convincing men and women caught up in emotional dramas not always of their choosing." --Joyce Carol Oates
"Burgin's steady and strong writing brings the story to a magnificent climax. . . . Never didactic and never failing to sustain a most suspenseful story, Burgin pressures these characters for al they're worth. Ghost Quartet is a compelling story that demands contemplation." --Harvard Review

"I read Ghost Quartet in a whirlwind, for that's what the novel did to me. The book is fast and furious, interesting and bright, a go-ahead, well-plotted, strong, intense story."

—Stephen Dixon