Series EditorsAli BehdadEditor Emeritus (Comparative Literature, UCLA); Judith ButlerEditor Emerita (Rhetoric and Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley/Columbia University); Michelle Clayton (Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature, Brown University); Edward Dimendberg (Film and Media Studies, Visual Studies, & European Languages and Studies, UC Irvine); Catherine GallagherEditor Emerita (English, UC Berkeley); Nouri Gana (Comparative Literature & Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA); Jody Greene (Literature, UC Santa Cruz); Susan GillmanSeries Coordinator (Literature, UC Santa Cruz); Richard TerdimanFounding Editor (Literature, UC Santa Cruz)

The FlashPoints series is devoted to books that consider literature beyond strictly national and disciplinary frameworks, and that are distinguished both by their historical grounding and by their theoretical and conceptual strength. Our books engage theory without losing touch with history and work historically without falling into uncritical positivism. FlashPoints aims for a broad audience within the humanities and the social sciences concerned with moments of cultural emergence and transformation. In a Benjaminian mode, FlashPoints is interested in how literature contributes to forming new constellations of culture and history and in how such formations function critically and politically in the present. Series titles are available online at http://escholarship.org/uc/flashpoints.

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