The Fabulous Future?

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Publication Date
April 2015
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The Fabulous Future?

America and the World in 2040
Morton Schapiro and Gary Saul Morson

Will the future be one of economic expansion, greater tolerance, liberating inventions, and longer, happier lives? Or do we face economic stagnation, declining quality of life, and a techno­logically enhanced totalitarianism worse than any yet seen? The Fabulous Future? America and the World in 2040 draws its inspi­ration from a more optimistic time, and tome, The Fabulous Fu­ture: America in 1980, in which Fortune magazine celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary by publishing the predictions of thought leaders of its time.

In the present volume, the world’s leading specialists from di­verse fields project developments in their areas of expertise, from religion and the media to the environment and nanotechnology. Will we be happier, and what exactly does happiness have to do with our economic future? Where is higher education heading and how should it develop? And what is the future of prediction itself? These exciting essays provoke sharper questions, reflect unexpectedly on one another, and testify to our present anxieties about the surprising world to come.

About the Author

GARY SAUL MORSON is Frances Hooper Professor of the Arts and Humani­ties at Northwestern University.

MORTON SCHAPIRO is a professor of economics and the president of Northwestern University.


"I found the book to be fascinating reading, a perfect companion to take along to the beach, discuss with colleagues at an office happy hour, or even with friends at a weekend barbeque. Morson and Schapiro clearly want to stimulate a current discussion about our loftiest aspirations and greatest fears."
—Stuart N. Brotman, The Brookings Institution