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ISBN 978-0-8101-5008-9
Publication Date
March 1991
Page Count
78 pages
Trim Size
5 1/2 x 8 1/2


Linda McCarriston

Finalist for the 1991 National Book Award for Poetry

Winner of the Terrence Des Pres Prize for Poetry

"I lean into my own loving/touch, for which no wound/is too ugly,' Linda McCarriston says at the end of 'Healing the Mare,' one of the many poems of extraordinary poignancy and power in Eva-Mary. These unflinching poems of violence and violation and loss earn her the right to such a claim. It's a survivor's claim and these are the poems of a survivor, as scrupulous in their language and art as they are in their quest to register honestly the familial unspoken, a life inside a life." --Stephen Dunn
About the Author

"This is an immensely moving book, fearless in its passion. Linda McCarriston accomplishes a near miracle, transforming memories of trauma into poems that are luminous and often sacramental, arriving at a hard-won peace." --Lisel Mueller

"[H]er poems are charged with undeniable passion, intelligence, and truth while suggesting another vision of life." --Hudson Review

"Eva-Mary derives its authority from the same psychological sources as the transformations that conclude many fairy tales. Even the most harrowing traumas can seed miraculous reflowerings." --Steven Cramer, Poetry