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Publication Date
October 2007
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232 pages
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or Up and Down with Schreiber and Baggish

Originally published in 1961, this shrewd, smartly written novel follows two American men traveling in Europe. Though both have struck out for the same continent, each man's methods of and motives for travel lead him to have a very different experience than the other. Underlying it all is the premise that Europe--the contrast, the otherness of it--can be a refiner's fire, deeply affecting a person's character. Europe represents a crucial step in Stern's development as a writer and stands as a witty, sharp point of entry into his writings and the writings of novelists who rose to prominence in the 1960s.

About the Author

Richard Stern is the author of the novels Natural Shocks, Other Men’s Daughters, Stitch, and Pacific Tremors, as well as a complete collection of his short fiction, Almonds to Zhoof. Stern is the Helen Regenstein Professor of English emeritus at the University of Chicago.


 "Made out of the joy of language, witty and always entertaining, it is a beautifully
contrived artifact."  --Anthony Burgess

"I like Europe even better than Golk. Baggish is a worthy descendant of Chichikov, and I hope will be around as long."  --Flannery O'Connor

"Mr. Stern's comic vision lights up a venal world that his readers will be able to recognize even if they have never gotten past the Statue of Liberty."

New York Times