The Ethics of Postmodernity

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Publication Date
December 1997
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266 pages
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The Ethics of Postmodernity

Current Trends in Continental Thought
Gary B. Madison and Marty Fairbarn

In The Ethics of Postmodernity, Gary B. Madison and Marty Fairbairn have collected instructive and illuminating essays that address the dilemmas left in the wake of the postmodern attack on foundationalism. This collection is a powerful statement on the many directions a postmetaphysical ethics might take.

Contributors include Barry Allen, Caroline Bayard, Robert Bernasconi, Thomas W. Busch, M.C. Dillon, Marty Fairbairn, Paul Fairfield, Morny Joy, Richard Kearney, Gary B. Madison, Joseph Margolis, Tom Rockmore, Charles E. Scott, Evan Simpson, and Mark Williams.

About the Author

Gary Madison is an emeritus professor of philosophy at McMaster University, and the editor of Working Through Derrida, published by Northwestern University Press in 1993.

Marty Fairbairn writes film criticism for the journalĀ film-philosophy and is the author of Cinema as Secular Temple: A Hermeneutic Phenomenology of the Film Experience.