The Ethics of History

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October 2004
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The Ethics of History

John McCumber

What is implied by "ethics of history"? The authors of this volume, internationally renowned philosophers and intellectual historians, address this question in all its novelty and ambiguity and develop varied perspectives on the place and nature of ethics in the philosophy, enterprise, and practice of history.
Is the whole historical process--largely consisting of the actions and sufferings of persons and groups--subject to ethical constraint? And what of the ways in which historians present their subject matter; are these methods subject to moral scrutiny? Although they approach these issues from different directions, the contributors agree in their critique of the correspondence theory of history, tin their acceptance of an unbridgeable gap between the past and the historian's present account, and in their call for a revision of the popular appeal to historical objectivity.
About the Author
David Carr is Charles Howard Candler Professor of Philosophy at Emory University.

Thomas R. Flynn is the Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Philosophy at Emory University.

Rudolf A. Makkreel is Charles Howard Candler Professor of Philosophy and chair of the Department of Philosophy at Emory University.