Essays on Music and History in Africa

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October 2018
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Essays on Music and History in Africa

Edited by Klaus P. Wachsmann

This classic ethnomusicological survey provides as a valuable guide to African music. The essays review a broad swath of genres and topics, including court songs and music history, musical instruments in different traditions, and the connection between Islam and African music. Contributors are Lois Ann Anderson, John Blacking, Philip J. C. Dark, David M. Dixon, Akin Euba, John D. Fage, Matthew Hill, A. M. Jones, Percival R. Kirby, J. H. Kwabena Nketia, Gilbert Rouget, David K. Rycroft, and Klaus P. Wachsmann.
About the Author

KLAUS P. WACHSMANN (1907-1984) was an ethnomusicologist considered a pioneer in the traditional music of Africa. He taught at UCLA and Northwestern University.