Endless Threshold

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ISBN 978-1-880684-00-9
Publication Date
July 1995
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123 pages
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Endless Threshold

Jack Hirschman

Endless Threshold is a people's poetry. Not the type of literature that is an individual's expression, brilliant introversion or exhibition of a cry, it's a poetry that makes the suffering and resistence of many the believable essence of life in the US today. Hirschman explores love, life on the streets, hunger, homelessness, and censorship in a lyrical, direct style. A deeply committed activist, Hirschman writes a poetry that is unabashedly political, fired with passion and humor.
About the Author

Jack Hirschman is a San Francisco poet, translator, and editor. His powerfully eloquent voice set the tone for political poetry in this country many years ago. Since leaving a teaching career in the '60s, Hirschman has taken the free exchange of poetry and politics into the streets where he is, in the words of poet Luke Breit, "America's most important living poet." He is the author of numerous books of poetry, plus some 45 translations from a half a dozen languages, as well as the editor of anthologies and journals. Among his many volumes of poetry are Endless Threshold, The Xibalba Arcane, and Lyripol (City Lights, 1976).


"Hirschman is tender but tough, with a steel fist in his velvet glove."

The San Francisco Chronicle

"What this poet brings to us, beyond ideology, is the simple truth that we already know and so immediately recognize: we have to stop hating each other, killing each other, raping each other, and start loving each other."

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