Eating of the Gods

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Publication Date
June 1987
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334 pages
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Eating of the Gods

Jan Kott

In The Eating of the Gods the distinguished Polish critic Jan Kott reexamines Greek tragedy from the modern perspective. As in his earlier acclaimed Shakespeare Our Contemporary, Kott provides startling insights and intuitive leaps which link our world to that of the ancient Greeks. The title refers to the Bacchae of Euripides, that tragedy of lust, revenge, murder, and "the joy of eating raw flesh" which Kott finds paradigmatic in its violence and bloodshed.
About the Author

Jan Kott was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1914. In 1969 he left Poland for the United States. He received the 1985 George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism for The Theater of Essence (Northwestern University Press, 1984).

"He sights at Greek tragedy along the smoking chimneys of Auschwitz. . . . No 20th century [critic] could come closer to making Sophocles a contemporary."

—Melvin Maddocks, Time