Dreams in Soy Sauce

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ISBN 978-0-962428-77-7
Publication Date
February 1992
Page Count
66 pages
Trim Size
6 x 9

Dreams in Soy Sauce

Rohan B. Preston

From Soweto to Chicago, the Middle Passage to the Final Solution, from intimate letters to scathing parodies, Dreams in Soy Sauce bristles and bubbles with verve, wit, intellect and honesty. In linguistically deft but accessible poetry, Preston singes the soul in his quest for wholeness.

About the Author
"These are poems that push and shove their into your consciousness. Words that analyze, criticize and satirize the world's complexities and chaos while dancing across the page--these are experiences that take you places. In his first collection of poems, Rohan B. Preston combines his command of craft with his informed love of language, music and history. It makes powerful poetry." --Michael Warr