Dostoevsky's "The Devils"

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August 1999
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Dostoevsky's "The Devils"

A Critical Companion
William Leatherbarrow

The Devils is one of Dostoevsky's four major novels--and the most openly political of his works. Known by several names, including The Demons and The Possessed, this novel often anchors courses of Dostoevsky's works. This critical companion contains essays that shed light on both the tricky literary structure of the novel and its social and political components. In addition, editor W.J. Leatherbarrow provides a detailed introduction, extracts from Dostoevsky's correspondence about The Devils, and an annotated bibliography.

About the Author

W.J. Leatherbarrow is a professor of Russian at the University of Sheffeld in England.  He has published several books on Dostoevsky's works and is the author of numerous articles on Russian literature.